Triage Nurse

The Triage Nurse
The triage nurse is part of our Advance Care Team .. She supports the providers in triaging parent phone calls using established protocols and communicating with the provider throughout the day. If you have a question that doesn't necessarily warrant an office visit or if you are unsure whether your child needs to be seen call our triage nurse for assistance. By discussing your concerns and your child's symptoms the triage nurse can help you make a decision on whether an appointment will be needed or advice only. The nurse has access to your child's medical record and will refer to it when giving advice, as well as document the advice given. Urgent and same day appointments are always available to be given by the triage nurse. Walk in patients will be triaged by the triage nurse, but we encourage you to please call for an appointment if your child needs to be seen.

There are two ways to reach our triage nurse.

Patient Portal

Using the patient portal to request an appointment and communicate with the triage nurse is very convenient and frequently has a faster response time. By using this method you can check the nurses response to your questions at your convenience. To use this option you just need to login to the portal, click on your child's name and click on the message tab. Leave your message for the nurse or request an appointment. They will answer the message via the portal for you to communicate back and forth.

Telephone Triage line
Dial our primary number 252-726-0511 and press ext. 247. Leave your child's name, date of birth, your name and a telephone number where you can be reached. Please try to keep your phone open for calls and near you to avoid "playing phone tag". The nurse will have your child's medical record when speaking to your and will refer to it and document advice and conversation. Generally, all calls are returned within 90 minutes, with morning calls being returned by 12:30 pm and afternoon calls by 5:30 pm.

The triage nurse is available in the office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and 7:30 am to 11:30 am on Saturday. After office hours please refer to after hours.