Welcome to my new adventure!  I want to start out this blog with the basics...I think that the relationship between a doctor and their patient is sacred.  I look to my parents to give me their thoughts and observations so that I can provide my thoughts and insights.  I work to have people trust me and I hope that they know that I am listening!  It is through this relationship that evolves over time that I can do my best job.  I am always working to do my best for my patients, because they do mean a lot to me!

What I have found though is that the world does not trust anymore...I see a large billboard on the side of the road that says "I want a doctor that I can trust".  This is an essential part of the relationship, but why would you not trust your doctor?  Do we not strive to help people?  It is part of our oath...  The key is that the circle of trust exists. The patients/parents we take care of and the doctor must always be in communication.  If all facts are not communicated then we cannot truly help people.  I trust that the parents I work with want to do the best for their child...if that trust is not there then communication needs to occur!

Let us continue to work together, learn to have faith and trust...communicate clearly...believe that we can make things better together!

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